Are your family members complaining about slow internet in your house.

  • This can be caused by a number of factors but mostly it is due to Poor modem/router placement. Is your modem/router in the basement or the far corner of your house? Proximity to the modem/router means better signal 
  • Using old routing equipment or old cabling can put a limit on the speed of your network. 
  • Demand for bandwidth is increasing exponentially and now people have multiple devices online in the connected home. You need routing equipment that can handle many devices simultaneously.
example locations for whole home coverage with a mesh network from Ubiquiti

Get whole home coverage with a mesh network from Ubiquiti

  • Enterprise grade equipment
  • Routers that perform self repair and increase signal to devices that have weak signal. 
  • Super fast 1400mbps wifi networks 
  • Easily troubleshoot and customize your network with ubiquiti cloud control.
  • Service calls are a breeze since we can monitor your network and diagnose issues remotely. 

Are you not getting the internet speed you are paying for?

  • Internet speed is only guaranteed for 1 device plugged directly into the modem. But when is that the case?
  • Wireless connections fluctuate constantly. Uplynks approach is to wire as many fixed devices in your home as possible so that your wireless devices are not all competing for bandwidth on the same network. 
  • Rogers and Bell only want your monthly bill but Uplynk wants you to enjoy your technology because it works great.
still image of slow web loading speed you see when internet service is slow

Do you need to expand your coverage into new areas on your property?

  • We can wirelessly send internet to any outbuildings on your property. Line of sight up to 20km away. 
  • We specialize in farms, rural internet service, Industrial areas with poor service, custom networks and mini wisps. We can design and implement customized solutions for your needs. 
  • Do you have no internet access but you can see a building nearby that does within 5km give us a call and we can figure out a solution for you.

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