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StarLink is a revolutionary advancement in internet provision.

Are you tired of experiencing issues with your internet? What should be a high-speed connection has turned into an all-too-regular frustrating battle with your modem and internet service provider. Your life demands that you’re online, and that connection should be fast, reliable, and consistent. StarLink is a revolutionary advancement in internet provision. It gives you a fast, unfaltering, unlimited broadband connection, wherever you are. You’ve had enough delays. Let’s get you connected to the world’s fastest internet today. We provide StarLink satellite internet installation services to rural areas in Ontario.

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We live in a time that demands connectivity, especially in the wake of current events. At Uplynk, we believe that a fast, steady internet connection isn’t just a privilege for urban folk with deep pockets. It’s a right that everyone should have unrestricted access to. High-speed internet is an educative, social tool that supports a thriving, intelligent world.

StarLink offers a comprehensive communications' system that meets global demands for fast, secure, reliable internet. It provides high-speed bandwidth capacity and low latency connectivity (between 25ms and 35ms) anywhere in the world with maximum efficiency. That means faster downloads, uploads, gaming, and data transfer than has ever been possible before.

StarLink connectivity uses technology so advanced that it slices through ground infrastructure limitations, making fast, clear internet available to everyone, regardless of location. That means even remote, rural areas are finally free from the delays, interferences, and the insane costs that have been the norm since the birth of the World Wide Web.


Through Elon Musk-owned SpaceX, StarLink puts a groundbreaking new spin on internet connectivity by combining existing technology with krypton gas.

This enables lighter-weight, low-orbit satellites to transmit rapid internet signals down to Earth without the high energy demands required by traditional systems. When those satellites reach their end-of-life term, SpaceX plans to safely remove them from orbit with significantly less waste than what is currently created by higher-altitude satellites.

This objective responds to the increasingly critical task to adopt measures that protect rather than harm the Earth’s atmosphere. At Uplynk, we support the initiative toward a cleaner, brighter, better connected world.

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Uplynk is located in the Durham region, and our specialty is providing StarLink satellite internet to rural areas in Ontario, Canada. Even if you live in an urban area, StarLink is the intelligent choice that more and more people are opting for. We can get you set up in no time at a competitive cost.

A fast, reliable internet connection should be a given, not a nice, at-random surprise. Improve your social connections. Get your work done in less time with zero frustration. Watch, download, and game whenever you want.

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