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Get Secure

Monitor your property from anywhere with
smart security systems and alarms.

With the advent of smart home tech, your ability to monitor and protect your property has only gotten better.

Easily install smart home security

Having smart security for your home adds an extra layer of protection. Watch the video to see how to install the Ring Doorbell Camera and Smart Door Lock, and call us to set yours up for you.


Andrew, David, and team set our rural home up with a camera and security system, giving us great outside views of the local fauna. They also provided us with whole home WIFI. Great team, and great knowledge.

Carson Hirner

The installer was professional, on time, great with the tenants, and cleaned up after the project was complete. The installer accommodated the potential needs of the tenant by ensuring that wires were not visible in the house and that there was extra wiring for movement of internet connections if needed.

Michelle Palma

Uplynk are an outstanding technology company!!! They installed a state of the art CAT 6a whole home hardwired ethernet system patched into a 24 port switch. The professionalism of Uplynk management and their installation team is second to none. I would highly recommend Uplynk for all of your residential and commercial technology connectivity needs.

Darren Tong

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Uplynk has industry partners that offer 24/7 police, fire and ambulance monitoring services and they have the best rates in the market.

All of our cameras are IP66 outdoor-rated and have night vision, high-definition audio and video recordings that can be stored locally or on a cloud device. We can cater features to any type of application, from a simple indoor camera to a camera that needs to be in a hazardous environment. 

Our goal when installing security cameras is to gain a 360-degree view of their home, which can be achieved on most homes with five cameras (front door, driveway, both sides and backyard). This can vary depending on the size and shape of your home, but often times 5 cameras will achieve this effect.
Security cameras are like insurance for your home. You forget you have them until you need them. They help protect your property by taking video footage if anything occurs, but also can ward off potential thieves because they know their actions will be recorded.
The smart security system ecosystem is about giving you information about the status of your home. For example, smart locks allow you to see who is coming and going. Cameras give you information about what’s physically happening on your property and record that if it needs to be used later. Smart smoke alarms will notify you and the fire department if there’s a fire. Water sensors will let you know if there’s a leak, or even shut off your main water valve. Delivered to you from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

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