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Get Smart

Up your home’s IQ with smart detectors, thermostats and more.

Know when someone’s entered or exited a room. Use smart speakers and touch displays that listen to you and know your routines. Save on energy and costs with automated smart devices.

Whether it’s your speaker, thermostat or sprinklers that you want to make smart — if you can dream it we can do it.

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Everything installed performs well. Excellent service and assistance through the whole process of creating a smart home.

Stephen Bathe

Andrew was enormously helpful. Excellent service & lots of advice on a subject I know nothing about, without the hard sell. Would definitely recommend.

Richard Kershaw

Excellent and professional service! Install was done promptly. Excellent customer service.

Diego Najera

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It’s always best to check the compatibility list of your thermostat before purchasing. Ecobee is our preferred thermostat because of its great compatibility options, although standard forced air furnace and air conditioner systems will work with most smart home thermostats.

The answer to this depends on what smart home ecosystem you decide on (Google or Alexa). Choosing the right smart speaker for your ecosystem ensures that your smart devices will work together seamlessly. For example, don’t get a Google Hub Max if you have Alexa devices throughout your home, they simply won’t work together.

A smart sprinkler system is a hassle-free way to not only ensure your garden or grass is watered but to save on water cost and efficiency as well. Smart sprinklers water your lawn at the best times of day, and don’t overwater it if it’s already rained that day. Set up our smart sprinklers with your existing irrigation system or existing hoses and sprinklers.

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