Who We Are

We are privately Owned Canadian technology company dedicated to providing quality products and services to our clients so that they can have the best experience possible with their technology.


Everything that Andrew is passionate about involves connection. From connecting with the great outdoors to connect with his clients and connecting them with their technology. Andrew will call upon his many years of experience in the tech industry, and the help of his best friend Dave, to deliver amazing results for your project.


Dave is always searching and engaging in new and exciting experiences. It’s no surprise that he works in an industry that is continuously growing and evolving. Dave loves connecting with new people and strives to put a smile on peoples faces by creating fun experiences and providing friendly professional service.


Ian is great at connecting clients with state of the art technical solutions.  Delivering security minded networking solutions to environments of any size, Ian never stops learning and is always striving for knowledge in the Information Technology industry.

Work Photos

What We Do

We provide a full spectrum range of products and services in the security, automation, cell signal boosters, networking, wifi and internet industries. We deliver custom solutions to get the results you want.

Why We Do It?


Our vision is a world where people are able to enjoy technology for the betterment of their quality of life. We see a world where automation technology services are used to reduce human impact on the planet and where this technology just works.


It is our Mission to create capital through our current business model and with that capital expand to begin offering environmental impact reduction strategies to large scale construction projects and the homes and buildings of the future.


Job Well Done

Taking pride in the work we have done and ensuring our customers are satisfied with the work we did

Creating Connections

Connecting with our clients, connecting with technology and connecting our clients to the technology so that their technology works


Ensuring our staff are properly trained and updated on all safety protocols for any hazardous work they perform to the highest possible standards


Going beyond traditional business practices to create enjoyment, laughter and great conversations in the process of doing a job well done