The Key Components That Make up a Smart Home.

At Uplynk, we encounter a lot of homeowners who want to raise their home’s IQ. One persistent complaint we hear from these clients is that there are so many different products on the market they don’t know which one to choose. Or they might have a few different products already, but they aren’t working properly. Through our 20 years in the industry, we have always found it important to simplify this process as much as possible so that we can build a great smart home from the ground up. To support this endeavour, we created our own unique process for creating a smart home, the Uplynk Signature Method.


The Uplynk Signature Method

  1. Get connected with wired and wireless mesh networks.

    Believe it or not, this has to do with your wifi and network. Getting connected is the first step because wired and wireless mesh networks are the foundation of your smart home. Connection speed and wifi signal are vital for a smart home that functions properly. Uplynk will ensure this by wiring as many stationary devices as possible, including TVs, computers, home access points, hubs, and any devices that can be plugged into a switch. This gives them ultimate speed and reliability. It also limits the number of devices competing for wifi bandwidth, which will increase the performance of your wireless network. Uplynk recommends that you don’t cheap out on your network since it is the backbone of every tech device you will use in the home. Get the best network you can with your budget when you contact us for a free consultation.

  2. Get secure with security cameras, door locks, and alarms.

    Our philosophy is security is the second most important part of a smart home because not only will it protect your family and your valuables, but it will also give you details about what is happening at your property while you are away. Was that package delivered? Who knocked out my tail light? Did we close the garage door? Security systems give you peace of mind and live video of your property. There are so many amazing features you can add to a security system. Our favourite system on the market is the Ring alarm system coupled with Ring cameras and a Ring-compatible smart lock. In addition, smart outdoor lighting and the Ring doorbell complement this system especially well.

  3. Get smart with smart devices.

    We know you may be asking, exactly how smart? Our third part of this method is where we look to counter any pain points in your home with a smart device. Do you want your morning coffee to start brewing as soon as you turn off your alarm? We can set that up for you. Some of the best starter devices we recommend include the Ecobee smart thermostat, smart plugs, smart smoke detectors, and smart hubs like the Alexa Show. These devices enhance the convenience of your home and give you critical information when needed, like a detected water leak or smoke detected inside.

  4. Get bright with smart lighting.

    There’s a reason why smart lights are 4th on our list, it’s a game-changer. Imagine when you leave your home, arm the alarm system, and all the lights in the house turn off. Then, later in the day when you arrive home around dusk, the lights outside the exterior of the home turn on to light your way from the car to the door. When the security system is deactivated, accent lighting around the home turns on, leading you to the room of your choice. Whatever room you’re in, simply say which lights you’d like on, and watch them turn on. This can be possible with smart lighting, something also great for security as well. With products like Lutron Caseta, you can even have lights turned on and off throughout the evening to make it look like someone is home while you’re on vacation.

  5. Get groovy with brilliant-sounding whole-home audio.

    What can we say other than whole-home audio is amazing. If you like to entertain or you’re an audiophile, home audio is an experience like no other. The apps are easy to use and controlled by your smartphone, voice, or even your Alexa hub. There are millions of songs to stream online and streaming services only cost about $9.99 per month. Having every room playing the same audio is a great experience that will take your enjoyment of music to a whole new level.

  6. Get entertained with an Uplynk home theatre.

    Why not bring the joy of theatre right into your own home? This can be done on a variety of budgets and even small changes like mounting your TV on the wall with a Sonos Arc Soundbar will deliver immense results. TV’s primary job is to look great visually and with technological advancements making them smaller and smaller, the speaker quality is having a hard time matching image quality. To remedy this, sound bars are a great start. From there we can wire up a 5.1 or 7.1 Dolby Atmos home theater with incredible 3D sound. You’ll never need to go to the theatre again.

  7. Get integrated with a smart home that works with all devices on one app.

    One of our biggest beefs in the smart home industry is how many different products are available on the market with marketing that isn’t exactly forthcoming with the limitations of a product. With Uplynk, we design your smart home from the ground up so that everything from the cameras to the smart lights can be controlled with a single app. We know technology so you don’t have to.


Our Signature Method was designed to create a smart home curated for every individual customer. Curious about how we can transform your space into a smart home? Book a free consultation today.

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