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Impressive and immersive audio with smart products.

Stream music, podcasts, books on tape with Audible, and more! Get brilliant audio anywhere in your home with smart speakers that are easy to use.

Using your voice or phone you can play what you want, where you want it, anywhere in or out of your home.


I needed my home audio system installed, new wiring and wires fished through the wall. The team that attended my residence to complete the work were very professional and knowledgeable. The sound has never been better.

Shaun Asselstine

I’ve been working in the smart home industry for 30yrs and I’ve never seen a company explain the process of building a smart home better than Uplynk.

Kevin Learman

Thank you so much guys thank you Andrew you did a lovely job I’m so happy with the Sonos speakers at David’s furniture gallery I love them so much beautiful job very professional thank you again.

David Hajj

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While we can work with many brands to create an immersive audio system in your home, we prefer Sonos because of its superb sound quality that can do both audio and immersive home theatre. We can easily install Sonos into your wall or ceiling, on top of a credenza or bookshelf, or outside. It offers incredible customization, integrates with Google and Alexa, and is the best app in the music industry (if we do say so, ourselves).

It depends on the room but typically we will place speakers in the ceiling for audio systems, with two speakers per room depending on its size. If the ceilings won’t allow for speakers to be installed or if we’re trying to integrate your audio system for a home theatre setup, we opt for in-wall speakers instead.

The Sonos app is able to be integrated with most existing speakers, giving you the all functionality of Sonos playing through your existing speaker setup.

There are only certain cases where we will recommend ceiling-mounted speakers; if the room doesn’t allow us to elsewhere or if the product requires it. Our goal is a clutter-free environment without visible speakers or wires by placing them inside the wall or ceiling. Ceiling speakers are great for creating a lively, musical feeling in all of the rooms around your house. For theatre experiences, it’s better to have speakers at the height of your couch.

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