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SOLAR is a revolutionary advancement in THE TECH INDUSTRY.

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable energy sources? What should be a consistent power supply has turned into an all-too-frequent struggle with outages and inefficiencies. Your life demands a dependable energy solution that is sustainable, efficient, and reliable. Solar energy is a revolutionary advancement in power provision. It offers you a steady, unfailing, and renewable energy source, no matter where you are. You’ve had enough interruptions. Let’s get you connected to the world’s most sustainable energy today. We provide solar energy installation services to areas in Ontario.


Now more than ever, we live in a time that demands connectivity. At Uplynk, we believe that a fast, steady internet connection is a right that everyone should have unrestricted access to. High-speed internet is an educative, social tool that supports a thriving, intelligent world.

Starlink offers a comprehensive communications system that meets global demands for fast, secure, reliable internet. It provides high-speed bandwidth capacity and low latency connectivity (between 25ms and 35ms) anywhere in the world with maximum efficiency. That means faster downloads, uploads, gaming, and data transfer than has ever been possible before.

Starlink connectivity uses technology so advanced that it slices through ground infrastructure limitations, making fast, clear internet available to everyone, regardless of location. That means even remote, rural areas are finally free from the delays, interferences, and insane costs that have been the norm since the birth of the World Wide Web.


Through Elon Musk-owned SpaceX, Starlink puts a groundbreaking new spin on internet connectivity by combining existing technology with krypton gas.

This enables lighter-weight, low-orbit satellites to transmit rapid internet signals down to Earth without the high energy demands required by traditional systems. When those satellites reach their end-of-life term, SpaceX plans to safely remove them from orbit with significantly less waste than what is currently created by higher-altitude satellites.

This objective responds to the increasingly critical task to adopt measures that protect rather than harm the Earth’s atmosphere. At Uplynk, we support the initiative toward a cleaner, brighter, better-connected world.

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We’re prepared to overcome any challenge to ensure a seamless Starlink installation for our clients. Watch the video to see how our expert team went above and beyond with a cottage that could not get an obstruction free signal because of the tree cover.


Uplynk is located in the Durham region, and our specialty is providing Starlink satellite internet to rural areas in Ontario, Canada. Our expert team works with you from consultation to installation and beyond. Even if you live in an urban area, Starlink is the intelligent choice that more and more people are opting for. We can get you set up in no time at a competitive cost.

A fast, reliable internet connection should be a given, not a nice, at-random surprise. Improve your social connections. Get your work done in less time with zero frustration. Watch, download, and game whenever you want.

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Uplynk came directly to the site of a home we were constructing and customized a smart home and security plan that met our client’s needs and fit their budget. We look forward to building more high-tech homes with Uplynk.


Northern Oak Group Inc.

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Uplynk installed a Uniden Cell Booster system in our smaller office first to see how happy we would be with the system. Two months later we got another system installed in our bigger office. Now we have five bars LTE and no dropped calls.

Nicole Davies

Manager, Brain Injury Association of Durham

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The security cameras are great quality and I can’t see any wires from the installation. I’m confident that if anything goes wrong with the renovation I’ll know about it. I would definitely recommend Uplynk for your home security needs.

Andrew McNabb


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Right from the first response to my online request the Uplynk team, led by Andrew, were fantastic at communicating with me. They were experts in installation and it showed. They provided a superb solution and a high-quality install. The result is outstanding thanks to Uplynk and Starlink.

Jack MacDonald

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Dealing with Uplynk has been the best customer service I have encountered in a while. From speaking with Devita to dealing with the owner of the company and having the installers at my place, they are all a pleasure to deal with. The installers did an amazing job installing the Starlink system. Excellent experience!

Fernando P.

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Professional installation team showed up in time did a great job getting my Starlink setup in the best position available and did a great job routing the wiring into the house almost invisibly. Very happy with the results so far.

David Grant

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  • Ranges from $1350 for one-day to $8,000 (60 ft tower running fiber optics from cottage to boat house and created a mesh network in both)
  • The way we’re setting this up. Is so that the dish is high, on the roof, protected, mounted permanently. 
  • When we install starlink systems, we are always going for an obstruction-free install
  • If you have trees or buildings blocking your view to the satellites, you will experience service interruptions and slower speeds
  • This means that for many people, a DIY installation isn’t good enough to get uninterrupted connectivity to the satellites
  • We’ve done everything from installing 60 foot towers to putting tripods on boat houses and running fibver optic cables back to their cottages to ensure that people can have fast reliable internet from Starlink.

Andrew has been working in the rural internet industry for 25 years. He’s installed every rural internet system on the market. He’s never seen a faster more reliable service than Starlink. Many of our customers are getting speeds over 150 mbps at their cottage and we think that this speed is absolutely incredible. If you’re on the fence, there isn’t a better option in rural areas.

All the starlink equipment must be ordered from Starlink.com but once you receive your equipment, Uplynk specializes in installing your system and making sure it’s working properly for your specific needs.

  • Go to starlink.com and sign up for an account and pay a deposit.
  • Once they determine that there’s availability in your area, they will charge you the remaining balance and mail it to you. This usually takes 2-3 weeks.

If you have additional buildings on your property that you’d like to share internet with. This is possible. We can create a wireless bridge between any of the building on your property as long as we can see them (up to 5km). You need a visual line of site to each building. Must have a “source” building” then a receiver building.

You have to notify Starlink if you’re moving and want to bring your dish to a new property and they will change your account details and ensure the dish is transferred. Keep in mind that some properties may be unable to be serviced due to obstructions blocking their views to the satellites.

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