The foundation of your smart home.

Get faster speeds, better coverage, and a more reliable connection throughout your entire home and property with a mesh WiFi network. With point to point wifi, you can have internet anywhere on your property — even across buildings! 

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Convert to a smart home faster with better wifi

Our clean, professional installs make sure you have a faster, more reliable network. Take the first step in creating your smart home when you partner with Uplynk’s expert team to install your new wifi.


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This is a common misconception, actually! A wired connection is necessary to get higher speeds. For reference, the fastest WiFi speed possible is 500 Mbps, while the fastest wired connection is 50,000 Mbps. We believe that the best networks are ones that share performance between wired and wireless devices, meaning a combination of both with full WiFi coverage everywhere is the best way to set up a smart home. And don’t worry about the wires, we install all components to be never seen, only enjoyed in the form of a great internet connection.

A Mesh network ensures a faster and more reliable WiFi experience for the entire home with multiple access points connected to an ethernet cable to broadcast WiFi. With just one router, typically placed in the living room or basement), internet speed and reliability will get worse the further you are away from the router. To learn how Mesh Wifi fixes this problem and more, watch the video below:

Convert to a Smart Home Faster with Better Wifi

The five bars you may see on your phone can be deceiving, because the quality of your internet or cell signal actually depends on how far away you are from your router or cell tower. If your connection is poor, you may still see five bars even if the signal quality and strength are low.

Improve your internet with a Mesh wifi network or Starlink, by placing several wifi emitting devices in your home with a mesh network, you can greatly improve your signal strength. Which will improve your experience using any connected devices in your home.

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