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TVs are getting to slim and small now that the speakers are never going to be able to create the kind of audio experience that was intended for you as the listener. The idea of surround sound is to give you the experience of immersion — being in the movie or show you’re watching. Just like we’re immersed in the sound and experience of our lives. The number of speakers depends on the size of the room and the type of room you’re in, whether it’s a living room, or dedicated home theatre. At the bare minimum we recommend you get a high quality sound bar and sub woofer to ensure you’re hearing everything correctly when you watch tv.

This really depends on the size of your room. TVs that go beyond 75” start to get into projector pricing anyway, so it might be worth considering one if you require that size. We do not recommend projectors for spaces that are very bright (like a living room), instead they are best installed in a dedicated space or basement. Your dedicated space doesn’t have to be a theatre room, but one with a modern twist

They do. We have specific brands that we use depending on your smart home ecosystem to ensure seamless integration. We only use the highest quality of brands that integrate with one another for the best user experience.

Dialogue comes from the center channel speaker. To fix this, we’ll manually tune and adjust this to be higher than other speakers so dialogue can be heard and understood and not drowned out.

Typically speakers can last a lot longer than receivers or amplifiers. If you already have speakers built in, they can be brought into the future by using modern receivers and amplifiers. While speakers and audio cables haven’t changed in a long time, receivers have changed a lot in their software. When you update your system with Uplynk, you can control your receiver with your voice or app — without any difference in sound!


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