Cell Phone Boosters

Strong and reliable cell signal throughout your entire home.

Are you relying on cellular data for internet service but dealing with a bad signal and low speeds? Get crystal-clear phone calls and lightning-fast data with a cell phone booster. Try risk-free for 30 days when you install with Uplynk.
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Give your cell signal a boost.

Whether it’s for a home, business, or entire university campus, we have the smart technology you need to successfully boost your cell signal. Call us to start your free consultation today.


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Unlike similar products found on Amazon, Uplynk offers the greatest quality in the industry. With low-loss cables, Uplynk offers a stronger connection and greater signal increase within a larger area inside the home. While Amazon boosters may be cheaper, they typically are weaker with poor components, and oftentimes we find they get replaced by professional cell boosters anyway. We’ve also personally tested a lot of boosters, and we only use the best.

We do not recommend this. Our professional technicians have been certified and trained to offer installations that are clean (no unsightly wires or antenna) and long-lasting. We use professional mounting equipment and connect to the nearest cell tower for a high-quality connection.

This depends on how strong the signal is outside of your home. For example, with a strong signal on your roof, the better amplification you will get. With indoor antennas, we can broadcast even more to expand the coverage. Typically, we install an outdoor antenna as well as 2-4 inside antennas — in a discreet way, of course, maintaining the aesthetic quality of your home while providing the best coverage.

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