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Professional Starlink Installation in Uxbridge

Bringing High-Speed Internet to Your Home or Cottage

Are you tired of slow, unreliable internet?

Uplynk provides Professional Starlink Installation in Uxbridge, ensuring you get the fastest and most reliable connection available. Whether you’re in a rural area or an urban setting, we have you covered.

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Uplynk guarantees a PROFESSIONAL Starlink installation

Uplynk guarantees a first-rate Starlink installation service, ensuring that you receive the fastest and most reliable connection out there. With Starlink, high-speed internet is accessible regardless of whether you reside in the rural or urban Uxbridge area.

Our expert team is fully equipped to manage all aspects of the consultation and installation process, delivering a seamless Starlink installation service customized to your specific needs.

High-speed internet

High-speed satellite internet with low latency delivers the fastest rural internet in the galaxy, with over 100Mbps and reliable connectivity even in remote areas.

Experience and Expertise

With 25 years of experience, Uplynk is Canada's top Starlink installer, having completed over 250 installations.

Professional and Reliable Service

Our team is dedicated to providing professional and reliable Starlink system installation services, guaranteeing obstruction-free setup for optimal performance.

Qualified and Insured

Our team is fully trained and certified, including WSIB coverage, liability insurance, and working at heights certification. We are the pros.

Technology Integration

Uplynk's expertise extends beyond Starlink installation. We are also experienced in integrating various technologies, including Ubiquiti Networks and Sonos systems, ensuring all your devices work seamlessly together.

Comprehensive Solutions

At Uplynk, we offer a range of services to enhance your internet experience, including whole-home mesh WiFi networks, smart home system integration, and connecting multiple buildings on your property.


Get the fastest internet with Uplynk. Say goodbye to slow internet and hello to reliable connectivity for work and entertainment.

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The Technology Behind Starlink

Starlink uses low-orbit satellites and Krypton gas technology to deliver fast, eco-friendly internet to every part of Ontario, providing a reliable, unlimited broadband connection no matter where you are. You’ve had enough delays. Let’s get you connected to the world’s fastest internet today.

professional starlink installer in ontario

Our fully trained Starlink installer team

At Uplynk, we handle everything from consultation to installation, ensuring a seamless process and an obstruction-free installation. Our expert team is ready to tackle any challenges to provide you with the best internet experience possible.

Our Installation Process


The process begins with a thorough consultation, conducted via phone, video call, or in person, to assess your needs and determine the best Starlink installation service plan for your location.

Site Survey:

We conduct a site survey to identify potential obstructions and determine the optimal placement for the Starlink dish. Most surveys are done using Google Earth, but we offer on-site surveys to ensure precise installation for more challenging projects.

Installation Steps:

Our expert team follows a detailed process to mount the Starlink dish and ensure maximum performance securely. We handle all wiring and setup, making the installation hassle-free.

Post-Installation Support:

Experience the fastest and most reliable internet with Uplynk. Our professional Starlink installation service guarantees seamless connectivity for work and entertainment. Don’t settle for slow internet any longer.


Upgrade to the fastest internet with Uplynk. Say goodbye to slow internet and hello to the best satellite internet for work and entertainment. Contact us today to schedule your Starlink installation service in Uxbridge

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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With over 250 successful Starlink installations and extensive experience in technology integration, Uplynk is the premier choice for reliable and high-quality Starlink installation services in Uxbridge.


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Got questions about Starlink Installation service in Uxbridge? We have answers.

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Range is $750-$8000 based on previous projects that we’ve completed. $8000 was a 50ft tower with a mesh network. 

Andrew has been working in the rural internet industry for 25 years. He’s installed every rural internet system on the market. He’s never seen a faster more reliable service than Starlink. Many of our customers are getting speeds over 150 mbps at their cottage and we think that this speed is absolutely incredible. If you’re on the fence, there isn’t a better option in rural areas.

All the starlink equipment must be ordered from but once you receive your equipment, Uplynk specializes in installing your system and making sure it’s working properly for your specific needs.

  • Go to and sign up for an account and pay a deposit.
  • Once they determine that there’s availability in your area, they will charge you the remaining balance and mail it to you. This usually takes 2-3 weeks.

The Starlink dish is installed high, typically on the roof, in a protected and permanently mounted position. This setup ensures the dish is safe and optimally placed for the best signal reception.

An obstruction-free install means placing the Starlink dish where there are no trees, buildings, or other obstacles blocking the view to the satellites. This setup is crucial to avoid service interruptions and maintain high-speed internet connectivity.

While it is possible to do a DIY Starlink installation, it may not provide the best results. Obstructions and improper placement can lead to service interruptions and slower speeds. Professional installation ensures an optimal, obstruction-free setup.

We handle various challenging installations, including placing dishes on 60-foot towers, mounting tripods on boat houses, and running fiber optic cables to ensure optimal connectivity. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable internet regardless of the complexities involved.

Yes, if there are obstacles such as trees or buildings blocking the view to the satellites, you will likely experience service interruptions and slower speeds. This is why an obstruction-free installation is critical for uninterrupted connectivity.

We have completed a range of installations, From setting up 60ft towers to connecting multiple buildings on your property to ensure you have great signal everywhere. We also do smart homes These solutions help ensure that our clients have fast and reliable internet from Starlink, regardless of their location’s challenges.

If you have additional buildings on your property that you’d like to share internet with. This is possible. We can create a wireless bridge between any of the building on your property as long as we can see them (up to 5km). You need a visual line of site to each building. Must have a “source” building” then a receiver building.

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For more detailed information about our Starlink installation services, visit our main Starlink Installation page

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