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10 things you should know before building a smart home.

Our ebook written by Uplynk Founder Andrew Valyear gives readers the tools they need to create their smart home with confidence. Learn everything you need to know before investing in smart home tech when you download today.

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We (and our many happy clients) think so! Let’s say you have a different app for each smart device you own, you may end up with multiple apps that don’t talk to each other which is frustrating and defeats the purpose of “smart” technology. With one app for all your smart devices, you can seamlessly control your entire home with the swipe of your finger. You can set routines that use multiple devices around your schedule — whether you’re waking up to the blinds opening to a sunrise, leaving knowing your home is secure while you’re gone, or enjoying an immersive home theatre experience in the comfort of your home.

To put it simply, you’ll get a user experience that’s easy, simple and provides convenience, security and comfort. With a suite of products that interact with each other in one ecosystem, you unlock the power of being able to create routines. Routines allow you to program your smart home devices in a certain way and adjust it to your predictable patterns. Without the integration of products, this is not possible.

If you already have some smart home devices, Uplynk will work with you to ensure that what we are adding to your home is compatible with what you have, if that’s your preference. If you already have some products in a certain ecosystem that you like, we will do our best to find products that integrate into your already-existing ecosystem.

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