Do you have weak and unreliable cell signal in your home or business?

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Do you have trouble making phone calls?

  • Uplynk can custom design and deliver a cell booster solution to give you full signal.
    Canada has the worst telecommunications infrastructure in the developed world.
  • Providers say this is because our population is so spread out and our country is so big.
  • You can solve this issue with a cell phone signal booster installation.

Do you rely on LTE cellular data for internet service but the speed is very slow?

  • 5 bars is very misleading because the range required for 5 bars is so large -40dbm to -80dbm
  • The lower your signal value (dbm) the faster your internet speed will be however a signal of -80dbm will show 5 bars and a signal of -40dbm will also show 5 bars. But the phone with -40dbm will have way faster connection speeds than the phone with -80dbm

Enjoy crystal clear phone calls & lightning fast data with Uniden

  • Neat and Professional installation from staff trained by Uniden
  • Signal can be improved for spaces as small as 1 room and as large as a 50,000sqft warehouse.
  • Uniden cell phone boosters are designed specifically for the canadian telecommunications environment.

How it works

Every Uniden® Cellular Signal Boosters requires a signal antenna, coaxial cable and distribution antenna to complete the cellular booster solution.

Risk Free - 30 day money back guarantee on equipment

Professional Installation - Uniden Certified technicians will get you the best result

2yr Warranty - We stand behind this product

We have two offices in the same plaza that are not connected. We rely on cellphone communication with our staff between these two offices. Unfortunately the signal strength in both locations was so poor that we had to walk between buildings to communicate with our people which was extremely ineffective. We couldn't take it anymore and contacted Andrew who came to our office and he recommended a Uniden Cell booster system. We installed it in our smaller office first to see how happy we would be with the system. 2 months later we got another system installed in our bigger office. Now we have 5 bars Lte and no dropped calls.

Nicole Davies
Manager, Brain Injury Association of Durham

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