Is unreliable slow internet hurting your bottom line?

  • Keep your business up and running with enterprise network equipment from Ubiquiti
  • Keep guests in your building with fast wifi that works.
  • More and more businesses rely on consistent connectivity in order to remain operational
  • If the internet is down your staff are unable to do their jobs.

Do you have an outdated internal network that needs upgrading to meet current demands?

  • Think of the cell phone you were using in 2012. Now think of how much technology has improved since then.
  • Most businesses are operating using networks that were installed in 2012 or before. They simply cannot keep up with today’s network requirements.
  • Get a fresh new network with guaranteed gigabit speeds to all the devices on the network.
  • Just like a computer networking equipment has a CPU to process all the data. CPU’s in routers and modems become obsolete and need to be upgraded to keep up with demand.

Do you need to expand your network to new areas on your property?

  • We can send the internet to any building that is visible in the surrounding area.
  • Share internet between offices, create wifi zones in barns, outbuildings and more
  • Poor internet in rural areas can be solved by sharing with another building.

Are you unsatisfied with the solutions offered by your current provider? We offer enterprise grade network solutions that work...It’s in the name.

  • Technicians from major providers are only trained for minimal applications and they literally cannot deliver results beyond maybe moving or upgrading your modem. This is often not the solution required to fix your internet woes.
  • Uplynk technicians are not limited in what we do. We have literally invented solutions for our clients to solve their problems. If you have a unique network problem we’d love to hear about it.

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